Will Jeff Brown Still Be Covering Crypto Like He Formerly Did at Brownstone?

Feb 9, 2024
Will Jeff Brown Still Be Covering Crypto Like He Formerly Did at Brownstone?

Will Readers See Blockchain and Crypto Research in the Future from Brownridge?

Jeff, I can't tell you how glad I am you're back. A lot of my time was spent searching for you on the platforms. My worst fear was that something happened to you or your family health wise, so I am delighted to know you're doing well and thriving! My questions: Are you still following the crypto and blockchain industry? Do you plan to publish research on the industry in the future? I was a lifetime member of your previous subscription Unchained Profits at your previous employer and loved every bit of it. My belief is the industry will help define the future. The more I learn about it, the more bullish I get. Since your departure, the research has been inconsistent to say the least. Unfortunately, today we were notified that they will be discontinuing the service altogether, which was a huge blow to me personally, as well as I'm sure many other subscribers. Your service was a HUGE guide for me to help navigate the industry as a novice. I look forward to hearing your response and I think I speak for many people when I say I sure am glad you're back! Take care. — Jonathan S.

Hi Jonathan,

Thanks for writing in and I really appreciate your concern. I’m happy to report that I feel great, and my family is very healthy, as well.

Lindsey and I have been working hard to find you and everyone else who has been looking to reconnect. It’s a time consuming and expensive process using things like Google Ads and Facebook Ads in hopes of rebuilding our community, but it does work. It just requires patience and persistence.

Yes, I am still researching and investing in the digital assets space, both in terms of equity and digital assets investments. I remain passionate about the industry and its potential. And while the current U.S. administration has been extremely antagonistic toward digital assets from a regulatory standpoint, I know that this will improve over time.

I appreciate you letting me know about what happened over there. As I believe you know, I was let go last year and had no say in the matter. I have no ties whatsoever to that business, so I’m not familiar at all in regards to any decisions that are made. 

The news saddens me, though. My team and I devoted an extraordinary amount of time to our research on digital assets for our subscribers. I loved that product and was very happy to see the digital assets market spring back to life last year.

I was also happy to see the bitcoin spot ETFs finally receive approval last month. This was a huge milestone for the digital assets industry.

I wrote about the ETF approvals in Are All Spot Bitcoin ETFs Equal? Just making sure that you saw that issue. If not, I recommend reading that for additional perspective.

As for your main question, yes, I do plan on publishing research again on digital assets. I’ve been researching, investing in, and writing about blockchain technology for almost a decade, and we’re still in the early stages of adoption. 

It is also a very complex — and often technical — space, which requires deep industry knowledge to make sense of it.

I’d hate for that knowledge to go to waste, and one of my overarching goals has always been to help normal investors gain access and understanding to advanced technological trends and investment opportunities. 

As I continue to build out my team, I’ll be in a better position to launch research products. I hope to have a more specific update in the next few months. I’d appreciate your patience and hope you enjoy Outer Limits in the meantime.

Great to have you back in the house…

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