Cashless Society or Conspiracy?

Feb 9, 2024
Cashless Society or Conspiracy?

The Desire to Replace Fiat Currencies With a Digital Asset Equivalent is Very Real

Jeff, thanks so much for sharing your fascinating research and your thoughts. Do you have some thoughts you can share concerning the cashless society that some are saying is coming very soon along with closely monitoring and controlling our lives? Is this really happening? If it is, what can we do to prepare and protect ourselves? Or is this just another conspiracy theory? Thanks. — Moshe R

Hi Moshe,

What a question. This is such a big topic. And where we each rest on this topic heavily depends on whether or not we implicitly trust our governments, or trust organizations like the European Union or the World Economic Forum.

I, for one, do not.

Before the pandemic, I already didn’t trust these organizations. But I was still open to adoption of cashless technology due to the benefits that the technology can bring. 

But after what we suffered during the pandemic, and seeing the lies that we were told and how power was so grossly abused, I believe that we must remain cautious, skeptical, and resilient against this movement.

These organizations were not acting in the best interests of the world population. And as we learned, they were colluding to hide the facts — scientific research — from us, with the help of the main stream media and large technology companies, for the explicit purpose of pushing their narrative and agenda. And millions have died as a result.

The desire to become a cashless society is not a conspiracy. “They” are talking about it openly.

Whether it is the deep state in the U.S., the European Union, or the World Economic Forum (WEF), they all want to move towards a cashless society. They desire to replace fiat currencies with a digital asset equivalent, which would be stored in a centrally controlled digital wallet.

It gives “them” the ability to see every transactions, tax every transaction, and control how we spend our hard-earned money.

The pitch that we’re told is that this technology would make transactions simple, quick, and secure. We would no longer need to carry around cash or coins. Everything would be stored in our individual digital wallets.

An added “benefit” would be that governments could send stimulus money directly into digital wallets at a moment’s notice. It would be cheap to do with almost no friction, and a great reduction in fraud related to stimulus checks.

All of these things are actually true. The technology can enable these things.

And it can also empower the government to do other things, as well.

There has been a lot of discussion and planning for social credit scores. “They” believe that social credit scores can be used to incentivize the “right” kind of behavior. The key thing to understand is that “they” determine what is right or wrong.

Digital wallets in a cashless society will also empower these organizations to punish those who don’t engage in the “right” behaviors.

A cashless society would empower governments to seize funds without due process. They could tax citizens at will, based on their lifestyles. If they think you bought too much meat, they can tax. If they think you flew on too many flights or your CO2 footprint was too high, they can tax. Or they can just freeze your digital wallet entirely.

This is far too much power. And it can and would be abused.

For any of us that believe in free will, the right to live free and pursue happiness for ourselves and our families…

A cashless society would be a disaster. It makes me deeply uncomfortable and would be a dark turning point in society if we were forced to adopt it.

What can we do?

One of the best things that we can do is to hold real assets. Real estate, timberland, farmland, gold, and silver come to mind. And assets like bitcoin — with very clear, programmed monetary policy that can’t be abused — can also be a good store of value under our own control.

And above that, if we all stick together, we can resist these attempts towards a cashless society. If we elect officials that believe in the rule of law, individual rights, and believe in freedom — not tyranny — we’ll all be living in a far better world.

These efforts to switch to a cashless society are concrete projects in China, the E.U., the U.S., and other places. 

They are very real, and they are underway. It is important for us to understand that this is an urgent matter that we must be aware of and peacefully protest those plans to gain complete control over our money and how we spend it.

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