About Brownridge

Brownridge Research is the new, highly specialized investment research firm founded by 30+ year high-tech exec, analyst, and angel investor Jeff Brown, formerly the founder of Brownstone Research and the widely read daily newsletter, The Bleeding Edge.

Millions of active, free and paying members across the globe have read, followed, and depended on Jeff’s work…

And now, for the first time in his 30-plus-year career, Jeff is now operating under his own privately owned, independent publishing house, which he launched in 2023...

Brownridge, In Jeff's Own Words

While thousands of industry insiders, investment banks, hedge funds, private equity firms, and affluent clientele have all read and loved Jeff’s work in the past, his widest audience comes from around the world — normal investors who are trying to make sense of the markets and the radical pace of change.

Our mission at the new Brownridge is to help everyday investors regain and maintain an edge against the manipulated markets and the algorithm-driven trading systems driving Wall Street today.

While it may feel unfair, there are still great opportunities to generate wealth in stocks — by investing in both private and public companies, bonds, and even digital assets. And there are trading strategies that do very well in these crazy markets.

But to find those strategies, we have to look to the outer limits of what’s happening…

Sometimes, that means leaning into radical new technological developments. Other times, it means using technology itself — namely, artificial intelligence — to help us create opportunities. And it can also mean using new strategies typically reserved for institutional and high net worth investors.

At Brownridge, the gloves are off. Nothing is off limits.

And naturally, so many of the most exciting investment opportunities are in Jeff’s “backyard” — the cutting edge world of high-tech.

Brownridge will become better than Jeff’s last venture. Now without any restrictions, we’re free to conduct business in a different way. And to explore the very best opportunities and analysis without interference.

Meanwhile, because we don’t accept any advertising payments, or payments for endorsing companies, there is no conflicts of interest. Our goal is simple: We only work in the best interests of our subscribers. No one controls what we research, write, or publish.

And Jeff has already begun delivering on his promise to reveal totally uncensored, inside intel and profitable investment ideas, regardless of market conditions — the sort of ideas you won’t see on TV or mainstream news sites.

He shares his intel in his free daily e-letter, Outer Limits, which you can sign up for by entering your email below.

This publication offers radical and often-contrarian opinions on the world of high-tech, monetary and fiscal policy, world events, as well as valuable insights on investment-related subjects and emerging trends.

Welcome to the outer limits. We’re excited to have you in the Brownridge family.

What Do We Mean by “Independent”?

We recognize that in today's digital age, finding trustworthy information can be challenging. That's why we strive to be transparent about what we mean when we say we are independent.

Independence, to us, means freedom from hidden agendas, censorship, and external influences. Unlike many other platforms, we do not accept money for sponsored content, endorsements, or recommendations. That includes recommendations for both public and private companies, as well as new technologies.

We believe in empowering our readers with knowledge that is transparent and authentic. Our team of experts tirelessly conduct research to provide accurate, up-to-date, and trustworthy information. We take pride in our recommendations, ensuring that you receive the most reliable guidance possible.

Our analysis is only biased by the data and information used in our investment research. When we need to extrapolate further to try and make sense out of a complex series of events, or a future scenario, we’ll say so.

You can rest assured that every piece of content you find on our website or newsletters is the result of extensive research, analysis, and our genuine, unbought thoughts.

We are not swayed by financial interests or special partnerships. Instead, our focus remains solely on delivering content that is valuable to you. Because we know that so long as you continue to value what we willingly give, you’ll become a member for life. And our interests will naturally align.

Thank you for choosing Brownridge as a trusted source of information. We appreciate your trust in our commitment to independence. And we look forward to continuing to provide you with high-quality content and analysis you can rely on.

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