How Do I Invest in Steeped Coffee?

Mar 8, 2024
How Do I Invest in Steeped Coffee?

Jeff Brown Explains A Major Benefit of Crowdfunding

Dear Jeff: "Steeped Coffee" can be bought only in segments of $100 each? Please explain. Thank you. — Abraham J.

Hello Abraham,

I’m glad you asked this question.

For those who haven't yet read my recommendation of Steeped Coffee, please read that first right here.

One of the best things about crowdfunding regulations is that they allow normal investors to participate in investments into exciting high-growth private companies at very low minimums.

Almost all of the private deals using crowdfunding regulations have made equity or debt in their companies available at a $100 minimum. I think that this is great, because it dramatically expands the availability off the offering to the widest number of possible investors.

And remember — private investing was not always like this. Up until only a few years ago, regulations were still prohibitive to the average retail investor.

The founders that I have endorsed over the years have shared my vision in democratizing access to private investing, and they see the value in having a large number of investors who have a vested interest in the success of their company.

And companies like Steeped Coffee can also benefit in gaining thousands of new evangelists and users of their products as investors in their company.

I certainly hope that all investors in Steeped have enjoyed its product and shared with family and friends. I’ve heard so many stories from founders that I have endorsed who have found that their investors have helped them in some way or another. Maybe it was an introduction, or some help with a distribution channel, or in finding a candidate for a critical role, etc.

That’s one of the powers of crowdfunding.

As for Steeped Coffee, the $100 is just a minimum. Investors can invest in $1 increments. Most investors tend to invest in $100 increments, or I’ve noticed that $250 is also a popular amount.

Even if we look at the current Reg CF raise, the current raised amount is $1,158,129. Clearly, there was at least one investor who put in $129 dollars… or some combination of investments that resulted an amount of $129.

Steeped Coffee Republic Crowdfunding Raise

It’s exciting to see that Steeped Coffee is now the hottest deal on Republic right now. For those who haven’t yet seen my recent research on Steeped Coffee, you can find it right here.

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