My Big Announcement

Jun 17, 2024
My Big Announcement
“Patience and fortitude conquer all things.” — Ralph Waldo Emerson

I couldn’t help but be reminded of Emerson over the weekend, as my team and I prepared for such an exciting week.

For many months, I’ve been working hard in the background to launch, and even re-launch investment research products. It’s the most frequent question we receive from Outer Limits subscribers — when?

I wasn’t able to share the details of what I was working on for reasons that I’ll explain below. But what I was working on was finding the best possible outcome for all of my subscribers, which includes past Brownstone Research subscribers, as well as new subscribers that have joined the Brownridge Research community.

There were a wide range of possible paths that I could have taken. And I could have made any of those paths work.

But if possible, I wanted to find a way reconnect and continue to fulfill on promises made to all of my subscribers.

As most know already, my departure from Brownstone Research wasn’t within my control. But what I do going forward is.

With that, I’m very excited to announce that I have formally re-joined the team at MarketWise (MKTW) as the head of Brownstone Research. Lindsey and the rest of my previous team at Brownstone are all part of this development, and I couldn’t be happier to have the whole team back together again, refreshed, and full of fantastic ideas.

Also important is that Brownridge Research will also survive under my leadership. While Brownridge Research is less than a year old, it’s deeply important to me and the beginning of something fantastic.

The distinction between the two will be that Brownridge Research will focus only on research associated with privately traded securities and digital assets, and my work at Brownstone Research will focus on publicly traded securities and digital assets.

This is by design, as both investment research publishers will be complimentary to one another and non-competitive. Doing so will enable me and my team to provide a wide range of investment research on a variety of asset classes that my subscribers are used to. And equally important, it allows me to continue to serve both past and current subscribers in the best possible way.

Earlier today, I sent out an update via Brownstone Research to all subscribers. You can find that video update right here. There is also an FAQ at the bottom of that update to answer common questions.

Return to Brownstone Research Jeff Brown

And you can also find a video update regarding these developments from MarketWise’s Chairman and CEO, Porter Stansberry right here for some additional context.

Porter Stansberry Jeff Brown Return to Brownstone Research

Porter and I began working on a partnership early this year. And as with most things in life, if we want to build something great and do it right, it takes time and fortitude. I’m grateful for his collaboration and support, and the opportunity to get things back on track at Brownstone Research, especially at such an exciting time in the world of technology.

To that end, you’ll find all of my large capitalization growth stock investment research at my publication the Near Future Report, which can be found here, and my small capitalization growth stock investment research at Exponential Tech Investor, which can be found here.

Probably the largest change will be that I’ll be publishing my free daily e-letter over at Brownstone Research. It will still be me and my research, it will just be published under the Brownstone banner.

We’ll still publish free research at Brownridge, but the focus will move deeper in targeting private investment research… and continuing my passionate work for democratizing investing in private companies. There is so much potential and exciting work to be done in this space, and Brownridge Research will be the vehicle for this mission.

In the next couple of weeks, I’ll have more information to share regarding my specific plans for investment research for private securities. I’ve very excited to share the details with you and believe that you’ll find it to be great news, as well.

Despite the changes over the last 12 months, I never stopped working for a better outcome for my subscribers. I didn’t give up. And I couldn’t be more excited about what’s to come.

Thank you sincerely for your patience,


Editor’s Note: We recognize readers may have questions regarding Jeff's return to the new Brownstone Research. You may find some helpful answers right here at the Brownstone Research FAQ.

We always welcome your feedback. We read every email and address the most common comments and questions in the Friday AMA. Please write to us here.

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