Changing the Private Investing Landscape

The investing landscape over the last few years has changed dramatically. And it has opened investors' eyes to how critical it is to have alternative assets in our investment portfolios — assets outside of the highly volatile public markets.

Now, more than ever, this realization is at the forefront of our minds. We want to make sure it’s top of mind for you, too. Which is why this part of the Brownridge mission is so important.

As long-time readers know, Jeff Brown is considered to be one of the most active angel investors around. He has invested in as many as 400 deals and has over a 90% success rate.

Aside from being a prolific angel investor, Jeff also was the founder and chief investment analyst of Brownstone Research. His daily free e-letter, The Bleeding Edge, was read by more than a million people a day.

Many considered Jeff’s research and analysis required reading each day. He covered the latest developments in technology, biotech, economics, and the markets in a way we’d never seen before. And he was always on the bleeding edge of technological developments, identifying trends and private companies we never knew we needed to know about.

While with his former employer, one of Jeff’s goals was to open up investment opportunities in high growth private companies to all investors, not just accredited investors.

He brainstormed ways that might happen with AngelList, the world’s largest platform for accredited investors to access investments into early stage private companies.

But ultimately, the platform continued to focus on accredited investors.

Well, Jeff went and solved the problem anyway. And what he did to solve the big private investing problem was something no one had done before.

Changing the Private Investing Landscape

For the past few years, Jeff has proactively engaged exciting private companies and collaborated with founders and CEOs, as well as with leading crowdfunding platforms like Republic and Wefunder to help them raise capital via crowdfunding regulations.

And in doing so, he was able to provide his subscribers access to private investment opportunities that had only ever been available to venture capitalists and high net worth individuals.

Now, thanks to Jeff, everyone could have access to these incredible opportunities — for as little as $100.

It's not an exaggeration to say: No one has had such a large and positive impact on the entire crowdfunding industry as Jeff over the last decade.

And there’s no better way to stay informed on the latest technological breakthroughs and new developments than by following Jeff.

Jeff is so passionate about this mission, he's adopted it as a cornerstone mission at his new, private investment research firm, Brownridge Research, where he is the founder and CEO.

He’s ready to continue on his mission of producing the most unique and interesting investment research in the industry, and working to provide access to the best investments in all asset classes, regardless of accreditation status.

To hear about his plans to continue this effort, we invite you to watch the following video in Jeff's own words.