What Happened to Jeff Brown's Perceptron?

Feb 16, 2024
What Happened to Jeff Brown's Perceptron?

It Took Two Years For Jeff Brown to Develop The Perceptron While at Brownstone Research. What Happened To It?

Jeff, I am forwarding this to you as an FYI. I wrote to you previously that Teeka had promoted a new crypto service that used AI to promote the buying and selling of crypto. As I previously indicated, I was unsure whether this was the same as your Perceptron program. Looks like management is cleaning house. First you, then Teeka. Who will be next? —  Steve W.

Hi Steve,

Yes, I did hear the news about Teeka’s sudden and recent firing from Palm Beach Research and Legacy Research. This was public information documented in a recent 8-K filing issued by MarketWise. Unfortunately, I can’t provide any insights as to any future developments over there.

I can, however, answer your question about the Perceptron. A few of my Brownridge subscribers were kind enough to write in about this topic. (Big shout out to Todd L. for originally writing in with the insight. Also, thrilled to hear about your mother’s house, Todd, well done.)

Todd shared with me that he spoke with Palm Beach customer service, who confirmed that the new service was indeed the same technology that my team and I created for Neural Net Profits (i.e. The Perceptron).

The Perceptron took me more than two years of planning and research and development to bring that product to my subscribers. It is advanced artificial intelligence using deep neural network technology. It is the real deal. And it performed great, despite a terrible crypto winter when I was still around.

The only downside to the crypto bear market was that the holding periods were a bit longer than expected.

And not surprisingly, as the markets turned up in the second half of 2023, the Perceptron’s performance has been nothing short of outstanding, from what I’ve been told.

While I was sad to not be there for when the markets turned up, I am very happy to hear how well the Perceptron is performing. But I’m not surprised at all… 😉.

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