Is It Too Early to Start Investing in Fusion?

Feb 16, 2024
Is It Too Early to Start Investing in Fusion?

We're Seeing an Explosion of Investment in Nuclear Fusion Just In the Last Two Years

Jeff: You have written extensively on a topic in which I have great interest, and that is Fusion. I just heard about AI Energy which turns out to be fusion energy. Question: Is it too early to start investing in fusion energy? Thanks. — Tom

Hi Tom,

I’m not sure about AI Energy. I have not heard of any company with that name in the nuclear fusion space.

I had a look and found an AI Energy Partners, which has nothing to do with nuclear fusion. It is a very small company that uses machine learning to improve the efficiency of power plants using coal, lignite, or biomass for the production of electricity.

As to your question, from my perspective, no, it is not too early to be invested in fusion energy technology and companies. As you know, I am passionate about this space. Nuclear fusion (or fission) are the only realistic technologies capable of providing 24/7 baseload power for the world’s power grids.

And we’re seeing an explosion of investment in nuclear fusion just in the last two years.

As of last year, about $6.2 billion had been invested in nuclear fusion, $5.9 billion of which went into private companies.

More telling is that the majority of that investment happened in just 2022 and 2023.

Industry insiders know that we’ve hit an inflection point with the technology. Materials technology, fusion technology, and the employment of artificial intelligence have all advanced to the point whereby nuclear fusion can become a reality. That’s why investment in this space has started to skyrocket.

Any country, entity, or individual who is serious about reducing carbon emissions, must be serious about fusion (or fission) technology. Anything else is just virtue signaling.

The challenge, however, with investing in nuclear fusion companies is that they are all private right now. That means that they are restricted almost entirely to accredited investors.

I am actively looking for nuclear fusion companies that might be interested in raising capital via crowdfunding regulations. That’s the best possibility for making a nuclear fusion investment accessible to all investors. I won’t rest until that happens…

Some extremely promising nuclear fusion companies that we’ll be following closely at Brownridge Research are: TAE Technologies, Avalanche, General Fusion, Commonwealth Fusion Systems, and Helion Energy

There are a bunch of others, as well, that I’m excited about, but this should be a good starting place for those interested.

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