My Plans for the Future of Brownridge Research

Dec 15, 2023
My Plans for the Future of Brownridge Research

Discover What Former Chief Analyst of Brownstone Research Jeff Brown Has In Store For Brownridge Research...

We’re back with our weekly Ask Me Anything (AMA) edition of Outer Limits.

To those of you who have submitted questions: They’ve been received and we’re working our way through them all. Thank you for the feedback — it’s motivating for us, and your participation will make Brownridge even better.

As a reminder, anyone can submit a question right here.

Lindsey collects every email and sends them to me on a weekly basis. I do my best to choose three that hits on the most popular topics in the inbox.

Now, before I move onto this week’s questions, I’d like to draw your attention to a brief note from Lindsey:

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“Can I Transfer My Membership?”

Hi Jeff, I joined Brownstone Unlimited because I enjoyed following YOU. Can I transfer my membership to your new home? — Bill B.
I assume at some point Jeff will intend to charge for a newsletter with some of his more aggressive research and recommendations. Hopefully he will still continue the free Outer Limits newsletter. Have any such plans been formalized at this point? — Clayson L.

Hello Bill and Clayson, your two questions are representative of a ton of questions that I’ve received over the last few months. Way too many to publish, which clearly means it is a topic of interest.

When will I start publishing specific investment research products, and will there be any special deals for my past subscribers at Brownstone Research?

I’m very excited about my forthcoming investment research products. I have a number of new products on my roadmap that I’ve been working on for the last few months.

I won’t sacrifice quality for speed though. And because Brownridge is my company, there is no one to tell me otherwise.

I’m planning to launch my first product early next year, and other product launches will follow as I scale my business and expand my team. 

I’m in no rush at all though. The quality of the research, content, and my team are my priorities — as is the happiness and success of my subscribers.

And yes, my plan is for Outer Limits (my new daily e-letter) to be free, even though I know it is worth a lot. There is nothing else like it. (You can find all past issues right here.)

In some ways, Outer Limits contains some of my most valuable insights and information. And while I’m not specifically making buy/sell recommendations, a clever reader can absolutely glean actionable investment ideas from my analysis.

As for my ability to transfer a membership to Brownridge, I’m afraid that I won’t be able to do that.

As an employee of MarketWise/Legacy Research, I never knew who my subscribers were. I never saw a list of subscribers, ever. The only names I ever saw were in questions provided to me for my weekly mailbag, just as you see above: Bill B. and Clayson L.

It is important to note that there is no affiliation or connection between the new Brownridge Research — my own independently owned company, where I am founder, owner, CEO, and all of the above — and MarketWise/Legacy Research.

My new subscribers at Brownridge Research have “found me” on the internet. For that, I’m very grateful, and deeply appreciate you taking the time to join the Brownridge family and read Outer Limits. My goal is to always make it worth your time.

As this is an entirely new, independent business, I do need to find ways to “keep the lights on,” hire new teammates, and grow, so that I can build high-value products that my subscribers can benefit and profit from.

The sort of research that my team and I produce comes a heavy cost, as I mentioned earlier. And I’ll have to find a way to produce it. I’m investing millions of my own capital in building the business because I believe in my mission and what we’re going to be able to do.

I am, however, thinking a lot about how I can provide special pricing for past subscribers. I do want to say “thank you” for being a past subscriber in some way.

I know I’ll come up with something, but as a former employee, I won’t be able to honor past commitments made on my behalf as I am no longer affiliated with my past employer. 

On the bright side though, as the owner of Brownridge, I’ll have full control over the business, which gives me the flexibility to make the best possible decisions.

The business model will still be a subscription model. This is important because it avoids the kinds of typical conflicts in the industry.

A subscription-only model means that Brownridge won’t take any marketing fees, commissions, or consulting fees for writing about or endorsing an investment recommendation. We will live and die by the value our readers place on our ideas and analysis alone.

I’ve always hated the kinds of conflicts of interest that exist on Wall Street, or in the parts of the investment research industry, so this is extremely important to me. My team and I only work for our subscribers, no one else.

In the very short-term, I hope that everyone can continue to enjoy and extract valuable information out of Outer Limits

It was an absolute coincidence, but while I was writing this issue of Outer Limits, I received a phone call from a dear friend, who was also a past reader of my work, and a current reader of Outer Limits

He was gushing with compliments about how much better my editorial and writing has been in Outer Limits than it was before.

I don’t take compliments very well, as I’m always in a state of continuous improvement, but I appreciated his phone call very much.

I hope you all feel the same. That’s certainly what I’m aiming for.

As always, we welcome your feedback and questions, and look forward to them. We read each and every email. Please write to us by clicking here.

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