How to Find Premium and Discount Data on Spot Bitcoin ETFs

Jan 26, 2024
How to Find Premium and Discount Data on Spot Bitcoin ETFs

There Are Two Easy Places to Find Premium and Discount Information

Hi Jeff, thanks so much for your discussion on the new Bitcoin ETFs. In your discussion, you mentioned the premium and discount in sales and purchases. I understand, but where do you find that information so that it can be acted on? Thanks. — Kevin D.

Hi Kevin,

People in the industry usually have access to expensive data services that can provide that information quickly. But it’s really not necessary to spend the money to find that information.

As I wrote in my January 19 Outer Limits, the two best spot bitcoin ETFs to invest in right now are IBIT (iShares Bitcoin Trust) or FBTC (Fidelity Wise Origin Bitcoin Fund).

So there are two easy places to find that information...

Are All Spot Bitcoin ETFs Equal? | Jeff Brown, Outer Limits, January 19, 2024

One is to go to the issuer’s website for the ETF offering, and search for the section on “key facts.” Here’s where you can find that information for the iShares Bitcoin Trust (IBIT).

Below we can see the “Premium/Discount” metric of 0.29. This data is usually updated daily.

The other easy way is to login to a brokerage account.

Most brokers provide the premium/discount to Net Asset Value for ETFs.

You can go here to see that information for the Fidelity Wise Origin Bitcoin Fund (FBTC).

Here’s what it looks like on Fidelity. The premium/discount is at the bottom of the image:

I hope that helps.

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