Does Elon Musk Just Want to Control Our Minds?

Feb 3, 2024
Does Elon Musk Just Want to Control Our Minds?

Well, I knew my research on “Musk’s Mind Meld, published on Tuesday, would generate a lot of feedback.

I shared some of it in today’s Ask Me Anything (AMA).

I know that — at times — the topics I’m researching can be highly controversial. But I promised to “go there” at Brownridge Research.

I believe that addressing and analyzing these topics is critically important for us to do. My research is designed to get us thinking about these complex issues and technologies… in hopes that it helps prepare us for what’s coming.

Yes, it will prepare us to identify great investment opportunities. And it will also help prepare us for the related societal challenges ahead.

From my perspective, it is far better for us to be prepared than to be completely caught off guard by not understanding the underlying issues and technologies.

I hope you all feel the same.

I have a busy weekend of travel — this week to Cleveland, OH. Which is why I didn’t publish on Friday.

I’ve been looking forward to heading down to the West Side Market a bit later today. It has been a long time since I visited.

I hope everyone is having a great weekend.


No Desire to Be One of the Borg Collective

This connectivity is a tool for the "elite" or whoever to control the population. Just like EVs can be controlled by someone other than the user. The Neuralink is just one more tool for the overlords to control the E/ACCs. The decals will be free of this. — Brian C.
Klaus Scwaub [Chairperson of the World Economic Forum] has talked about the brain implants everyone will have by 2030. I can only imagine their plans to monitor your thoughts and then to control them for their own collectivist view of the future and then socially engineer your thoughts, of course for humanity’s safety and your own. Look how smart phones are being used… and the media and fact checking to control the narrative about everything, and to control you in fact whether you realize it or not. For instance, Transgender. Which is an interesting idea but absolutely false. You can't change your chromosomes from xx to xy or vica versa, but many brainwashed youth absolutely believe it along with the whole climate change narrative or critical race theory. Against the backdrop of the absolutely corrupt government, regulatory agencies, and institutions on every level, I'm frankly terrified and have no desire to become one of the "Borg collective." — James G.
For someone who has expressed privacy concerns in the past, you perplex me by celebrating a computer that can read one's mind the second a thought comes into it. People's thoughts belong to them and only them, which is why I've never been into social media. When I want to share, I write a letter to the Times. — Michael S.

Brian, James, and Michael,

Hello and thank you for the feedback. I anticipated comments like these, which came from several others, as well.

It’s important feedback that helps us achieve a better understanding of important distinctions regarding this technology.

James and Brian, the points that you bring up about the “elite,” Klaus Schwab, and the World Economic Forum are not only factual, they are deeply concerning to me. 

“They” do in fact have plans for electronic implants to not only enable interfacing with computing systems, but also for tracking and mood manipulation. It’s crazy, but they are talking about this in the open. No thank you. Not for me.

And Michael, you’re absolutely correct, this is a complete violation of privacy, and we should resist this evil at all costs.

And also to your second point, the effort to control minds and influence people has already been happening on a widespread scale through social media and internet browsing.

As the Twitter Files revealed, Google, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, TikTok, and others systematically filtered, controlled, censored, and forced upon us all false information to push political narratives. This is an effort at widespread mind control. Tyrannical and Orwellian. We don’t even need chip implants to enable this — it has already been happening.

However, this is not what Neuralink has built. Neuralink’s technology doesn’t read our mind. It doesn’t affect our moods and can’t be used to do so. And it doesn’t enable the ability to send information or thoughts to the brain.

Telepathy, Neuralink’s first product, is designed to learn and interpret human brain activity for the purpose of controlling another computing device. This is a very important distinction.

As I noted in my January 30, 2024 issue of Outer Limits titled “Musk’s Mind Meld,” the primary target of Telepathy is for those who are disabled and have a desire to become more independent and communicate and/or interface with computing systems without the need for assistance.

It’s hard to argue with that. I actually found some interesting research on this point from Pew Research that provides interesting context on sentiment.

Majorities Favored Using Brain Chips for Therapeutic Purposes
Source: Pew Research

If we note the first category “allow increased movement for people who are paralyzed,” we’ll see that 77% are in favor of the technology and only 8% are opposed.

The numbers are also high when the technology is applied to “treat age-related mental decline.” 64% are supportive and only 13% are opposed.

It’s only when the technology is used to “directly translate thoughts” when more are opposed than in favor of.

Again, these are important distinctions. The technology doesn’t exist yet to “read” our minds and understand our deepest thoughts. It does exist to interpret our brain activity and desire to do something like “click on a button,” “scroll through a screen,” or “move an arrow around.”

This is the dilemma of the time that we live in.

This kind of technology can be used for incredible good for those who are disabled, and also for improved productivity.

And it could also be developed by evil people for intended evil purposes.

And hopefully our Brownridge community will understand the technology and applications well enough to know the difference. 

That’s my goal.

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