Where Are the Stock Picks?

Feb 23, 2024
Where Are the Stock Picks?

When Will Jeff Brown Launch Premium Research Services, Like the Investment Services He Ran While at Brownstone Research?

A question that I’ve been getting a lot lately is, “Jeff, when are we going to get some investment recommendations?”

I just want you to know that I hear you.

Starting a new company and putting the infrastructure in place takes a bit of time and we want to make sure we get it right. But that doesn’t mean that I have to wait.

Please keep an eye out for an investment recommendation as early as next week. If everything checks out, I’ll plan on publishing it in Outer Limits and making it available to all. It’s my way of saying thank you for being a reader and being patient while we scale up.

I’ve also been in the process of rebuilding my fantastic team — more good news to follow on that very soon. This will enable me to do a lot more on a much faster schedule, which I’m very excited about.


A Ship Without a Captain

Hello Jeff, I trust you are well. I’m writing because I’m hoping you are gearing up to offer investment advice. My subscription has run out at Brownstone and they have eliminated several categories that was of interest. I am also subscribed with Palm Beach. I’m sure you’ve heard that Teeka has been fired. So I’m a ship at sea without a captain. I enjoy reading your Outer Limits, but I really need some help with my portfolio. When you left Brownstone anyone on your staff come with you? Thank you and best wishes. — Richard H
What is the purpose of Outer Limits? Is it for information only and/or stock research and recommendations? I was a subscriber to Brownstone Research [Jeff’s former employer], and really enjoyed the stock information and research that you provided. Brownstone is not the same now and I will not continue my subscription there. — Louis E.
Hello Jeff, [are] you now offering a service under Brownridge? If so, would you please send information. Your services under Brownstone were excellent and felt a great loss with your departure. Respectfully. — Willie W.

Hello gentlemen,

Thanks for writing in. We’ve definitely received a lot of questions along these lines.

I’m also anxious to get back at it with specific investment research and recommendations. I have a lot in store for you under planning and hope to launch my first research product next month.

We’ll be back in the mix very soon.

I’m incredibly excited for what’s to come. After the bear market of 2022 and the first half of 2023, we’ve finally started to see some life in the markets. But these aren’t healthy market conditions. The gains have been largely driven by a very small number of giant stocks.

In time, interest rates will start to come down. It has been so damaging to the economy to keep them elevated at this level, and smaller companies, both public and private have been suffering.

We have a much bigger bull market ahead of us that will be technology- and biotechnology-fueled. As interest rates come down, institutional capital will start to flow back into small capitalization companies, as well as private early stage companies. And of course, we’re going to be right there focused on these incredible opportunities.

And Louis — I really appreciate your question. I don’t think anyone ever asked me, “What’s the purpose of The Bleeding Edge?”… or, “What’s the purpose of Outer Limits?” before.

Outer Limits, as a free e-letter, is a way for me to stay in touch daily with my subscribers. It’s an opportunity for me to share with you the most interesting and exciting things that I’m researching every day.

I intentionally share topics around a wide range of subjects. My goal is to give my subscribers a framework, a good understanding, of a broad range of technologies and companies in an effort to make us all more knowledgeable and ultimately better investors.

I also use Outer Limits to share information about private companies that are doing incredible work. I do this because some of the most innovative developments are happening at private companies, not public companies. I share this information so that we can build somewhat of a pipeline of promising companies in which we might invest in the future.

Maybe that’s through a crowdfunding offering, or maybe that’s when the go public. Often times, these exciting private companies are acquired by publicly traded companies. And then, we can invest in the acquirer.

If we become knowledgeable on these technologies and companies in advance, we’ll be better positioned to invest when the opportunity presents itself.

And if you read Outer Limits carefully, I often place hints of investment ideas, as well as companies not to invest in. Perhaps their valuation is too high, or their technology is uninteresting. Knowing what not to do is often just as important as knowing what to invest in.

My goal is simple. I’d like to make all of my subscribers more knowledgeable. I want to give you the kinds of ideas and information that will enable you to spark conversations with your friends, family, and co-workers. And I want to both excite you and entertain you with this incredible period of time that we are living through now.

Hopefully, together, we can make sense of it all.

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