The Real Angel Investor Jeff Brown, Formerly of Brownstone Research?

Nov 24, 2023
The Real Angel Investor Jeff Brown, Formerly of Brownstone Research?

Here's the Proof: It Is, Indeed, the Real High-Tech Exec and Investor Jeff Brown, Formerly of Brownstone Research

It is, indeed, the real high-tech executive and angel investor Jeff Brown.

Welcome to our very first Friday AMA at Outer Limits!

To my U.S.-based subscribers, I hope you all had a fantastic Thanksgiving. And to all subscribers, a warm happy holidays. We’re in the final stretch of the year.

The support we’ve received in our inbox over the last few days, since I published the inaugural issue of Outer Limits, has been overwhelming, to say the least. I want to thank all of you who took the time to reach out, and let you know we got your emails. I posted a few of them below. Your enthusiasm feeds my motivation to keep at it.

I’m planning on a regular Friday AMA (Ask Me Anything), where I’ll do my best to answer three of your questions. When we see common questions popping up, we’ll grab those, as I know that many others will have the same question.

And I’ll try to pick out interesting questions that lead to a good discussion on hot topics and trends of interest.

I will read all of the questions and feedback that comes in. I can’t respond personally to individual e-mails. But I will do my best to cover as much ground as I can in the AMAs.

Subscribers can write in here with questions and feedback at any time.

We’re in startup mode right now, so please hang in there with us. We’ll be making a lot of improvements on the website and product plans in the coming weeks. I’m hard at work on a road map for research products, but I won’t sacrifice quality for speed.

More than anything else, I respect your time. So I’ll do my best to make the most of it. One thing that you’ll notice right away is that I won’t clutter up Outer Limits with endless marketing promotions. And any e-mails that we send will come from me, and only pertain to my published research and Brownridge Research-related investment products.

There’s a lot more to come…

Wishing you all a wonderful holiday season,


The Real High-Tech Exec and Angel Investor Jeff Brown, formerly of Brownstone Research Indeed

Hi Mr. Jeff Brown. I am so happy to have crossed path with you, again. I was (and still am) an unlimited member at Brownstone Research, and I must say that I was so sad when I heard the news that you left us. I (and many thousands of other fans/subscribers) are missing you. While I am so happy to have found you, one thing really bothers me, and that's the fact that I simply have no way of confirming that the person I'm writing to right now is TRULY our very own Jeff Brown. Please, kindly provide me (and other fans) an absolute, undeniable, and irrefutable proof/evidence that you are truly our very own beloved Jeff Brown, as opposed to a wannabe Jeff Brown. If I'm convinced that you are the REAL Jeff Brown, I wish to subscribe to your valuable research and recommendations, at Brownridge Research, once again. Thank you so much, and I really appreciate you and your prompt response. — Kazem S.

Hello Kazem, Thanks for writing in and raising such an important question.

Fake accounts and impostors have been one of my biggest headaches over the years. I asked for help concerning this issue quite a bit, and sometimes we were able to get fake accounts closed, but most of the time not. I hope to find a way to change that under my new banner at Brownridge.

Here are some specifics:

Finally, here is a link to the Brownridge welcome video, which I just recorded and posted, so you can see the “REAL” me.

There are fake websites, fake Twitter accounts, and even fake LinkedIn accounts, so please be careful.

The above are the only accounts I currently have active. Please note, my Facebook and Instagram accounts are just placeholders. There is no activity yet as we’re just getting started. If/when I open an account or change my handle, I’ll post links at, at the very bottom of the website in the footer, and I’ll also update in Outer Limits.

I’d also like to say that it was sad and disappointing for me to have been kicked out of Brownstone/Legacy Research after eight years of sacrifice and major contributions to the overall business.

It wasn’t my intention to leave, nor was it in my control. And I absolutely wanted to be there for my subscribers when there were such difficult market conditions. It was very uncomfortable for me to have my ties cut with my subscribers at such an important time. 

My last official day at Brownstone/Legacy was August 26th, this year. I had hoped to start researching and writing much sooner, but we experienced about a 10-week delay as we had been negotiating for the purchase of It took a lot longer than expected, but we wanted to do it right and launch with the perfect internet domain.

Thank you to all of you that made the effort to find me in my new “house.” We have a lot of catching up to do, and a lot to stay on top of.

And fortunately, as I had been predicting over the last year or so, the tech market did recover in the second half of this year. It has been admittedly lopsided towards large capitalization artificial intelligence related stocks, but at least we saw institutional capital flood back into the markets.

Thanks again,
The “REAL” Jeff Brown

Jeff! Thanks so much for staying in touch and allowing two-way communication! We've missed you so much. We have so much to be grateful for. — Rodger H
Great hearing from you Jeff, missed reading about the new things happening in the world. — Bennie M.
Hi Jeff! Glad to have you back! No one covers the high tech space with your level of expertise. Looking forward to your very bright future covering the space again. — CSL
Excited for Outer Limits! Let’s go! — Craig S.
Welcome back Jeff. Good to have you back to the game. Wish you and your team all the success in this new entrepreneurship. — Eduardo T.
[To] read the new core values of your new venture, I think we could not have dreamed of a better gift to end 2023, and start 2024. Thank you for your engagement and dedication. Thank you for your choices, I am looking forward to read your future publications, and again, welcome back, sir. — Yannick L.
It's great to have you back. I was worried that you may be ill, thank god you’re not. You are now free to speak your mind and from the limitations that were placed upon you. Simply fantastic, welcome back. — Roger
It is so good to hear from you again. My wife and I missed you tremendously, especially your daily news letter. Reading it was the best part of the day. I will be back in the know with Outer Limits! We have been fans for years and can't wait to explore new investment opportunities with you once again. We hope you are well. To the MOON!!!! — Steve F.
Thanks for what you do and what you represent. — Mike D.
I am really glad you are back. You really became the person I was most interested in for your opinions and investments. I really liked the daily future forecasts that you used to do. It was my favorite thing to read every day. — Clint M.
Hi Jeff, just wanted to say how great it is to have you back, I've missed your insights. — John N.
So great to have you back Jeff!!! It was so sad to see you go and not read you every day like I used to. You have very profound knowledge on so many topics and your newsletter was the best in the market! Thanks for your great work. — Mathias
So glad to hear from you and know that you are well and publishing again! I look forward to hearing your insightful commentary again through your new company. All the best to you and have a blessed and happy Thanksgiving! — Richard S.
Fahgeddabout Houston: Brownridge, YOU have LIFT OFF! Hallelujah for your astute foresight and proactive acumen! I am excited about your latest development and evolvement into the promises soon to come despite the bad world actors in Big Pharma, Big Media, Big Tech, and pseudo-government wannabes. Keep the great intel coming because critical thinkers (including myself) will happily devour it. — Erin B.
Very much looking forward to your launch! I appreciate your approach and willingness to stick with the facts whether it fits the accepted narrative or not. Thanks. — Macy W.
Jeff, you have been missed. Seems the others are making an effort to carry on but, your vacuum is apparent. Thanks for starting up a new avenue for all of us. God bless sir. — Troy K.
Dear Jeff, I'm so glad to see you "back in the saddle." Your insights into all things tech (and other topic) was a highlight of my day. You are a voice of sanity, in a world of talking heads. So looking forward to what the future holds, scary and otherwise. — Dave T.
No questions at this stage Jeff. Just a note to say, wonderful to have you back! Lift off indeed! — Martin
Nice to see you back in our galaxy. We missed you. — Mike S.
Dear Jeff, Great to have your voice in my inbox again! Hope you and your family are in good health! Can't wait for more insights and love the sound of the unbounded version of your perspective touching all topics! Miss getting your stock recommendations and am forever grateful for all the great gains you made us over the years! — Yogesh M. 
Oh my gosh Jeff… It's so good to have you back! Your broad coverage, without spin, and the clarity you bring while delving into any technology is refreshing and was sorely missed. I don't know any of the details regarding your separation from your previous publisher, but it is good to assume you are now in control. I look forward to your enlightening review of technology, and hopefully you will provide a means for viewers to toss questions your way. Honestly, I'll sleep better tonight knowing you are back. God Bless Jeff! — Clayson
Hey Jeff, Glad you have returned. Your work is always very well done. I look forward to the next chapter of your journey. — Rob
Thank you for starting the Outer Limits newsletter. I feel out of the loop in tech news over the past year without your content. I'm happy you are back. — Jake S.
Huge fan of Jeff's work and thrilled we are finally getting lift off! Looking forward to exploring all of the potential investment ideas in the new publications. — Joseph F.
Blast off, baby, you’re back! — Greg J.
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